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The Year 2020

Usually when we write the date, most of us will chop off the first two digits and leave the last two to signify the year, e.g. 2019, is shortened to ’19.

However, this year it is important that you write the year 2020 in full or you could be putting your documents at risk. Leaving the date in its shortened version could open yourself up to fraudsters, who could easily change it to many other years.

The general warning is to be cautious when writing the date on any documents, as well as accepting documents without the full date – it is better to be safe than sorry.

HMRC Scams

Just a little reminder that HMRC will never email, text or call you regarding a tax rebate or penalty, nor will they contact you this way asking for personal details. If you are unsure on any correspondence you receive from HMRC then please do not hesitate to ask us about it.

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